“Systems Biology for Double Haploid Improvement.” Project Acronym: Sysbra

Isolated microsopore culture of rapeseed (Brassica napus) is a very useful tool to establish accelerated breeding programs. SUBIO is working on the improvement of this technology since two decades and in the frame of the SYSBRA project we want to identify markers for genes and processes which are active in induced microspores on their way to germinating embryos. To reach this, SUBIO cooperates with the University of Freiburg, namely the Center for Biological Systems Analysis (http://www.zbsa.uni-freiburg.de/willkommen-en-en/view?set_language=en), the Center of Applied Biosciences ZAB (http://www.zab.uni-freiburg.de/index.php), and the Faculty of Biology (http://www.biologie.uni-freiburg.de/forschung/botanik_en.php) and TILL Photonics (http://www.till-photonics.com/).

SUBIO is developing model genotypes which are transformed with microspore specific promotors and reporter genes which will allow to monitor developmental processes and gene actions while the in vitro procedure. For this TILL photonics is developing sophisticated technical equipment and the University of Freiburg delivers genetic material and software technology for picture analysis. Furthermore SUBIO develops necessary technologies for the indiviual culture of single or only a few microspores and embryos to be able to follow up, observe, sample and visualize developing cells and multicellular structures separated from other tissues. The ambitious goal is to be able to culture, to track and to influence single cells in the isolated microspore culture program of SUBIO.
The project is funded by the Federal Minstry of Education and Research.

Systems Biology - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_biology