GABI - Genome analysis in the biological system plant

Biotechnology is the key technology of the 21rst century. One of its most important methods is genetic engineering: very important for new pathology diagnosis and therapy procedures, as well as for the development of pharmaceutical agents and the production of healthy food.

Precise knowledge of the plant genome gives us the ability to be able to improve plants faster and more specifically than with conventional breeding methods. GABI stands for Genome Analysis of the Plant Biological System and is an associative project supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education, Research and Technology as well as a number private enterprise companies. These companies are grouped under the Business Platform promoting Plant Genome Research GABI e.V. A Patent and Licence Agency associated with GABI has the task of commercialising and protecting research results by means of licence rights.

Its main objective is the analysis of the structure and function of the genomes of the most important cultivated plants. Plants are able to neutralise and therefore remove extremely persistant environmental toxins. These characteristics can be greatly enhanced using genetic engineering. Genetically modified plants can also be used to synthesise important biomolecules - as relevant active agents in medicine or to improve some kinds of food.

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