In 1984 the seven member-companies of SAATEN-UNION GmbH established SAATEN-UNION Resistenzlabor. The aim was to work together to carry out research and development of bio-technologically supported plant breeding. In 2009, due to the company’s international significance, it was renamed SAATEN-UNION BIOTEC GmbH.

1984 Establishment of SAATEN-UNION Resistenzlabor by the seven member-companies of SAATEN-UNION GmbH
1984 - 1986 Setting up tissue culture
1986 - 1993 Creation of service sector
1993 - 1996 Establishment of molecular genetics
1999 Entry of DSV as eighth member-company
2000 Inauguration of transformation laboratory
2004 Extension of greenhouse facility
2006 Setting up operation in Biopark Gatersleben
2007 Inauguration of second unit in Biopark Gatersleben
2009 Change of name to SAATEN-UNION BIOTEC GmbH