Hybrid Rye Agronomy Guide

Hybrid rye must be managed differently to population rye. Here you will find an overview, which will guide you through the production of hybrid rye. Down below you can find a guide for download.

Sowing HySeed Hybridrye

Sowing HySeed Hybridrye  

Cultivation suitability depending on preceding crop:

Preceding crop Suitability
Winter oilseed rape* ++
Legumes* ++
Potatoes* ++
Wheat +
Triticale o
Barley +
Rye o
Grain maize +
Körnermais +

*Favourable preceding crop but luxury as other following crops can make better
use of the preceding crop.

Sowing date and seed rate*

Drilling date Seeds/m² Units/ha
End of Sept. to
10th of Oct.
160 – 190 1.6 – 1.9
10th of Oct. to
end of Oct.
190 – 220 1.9 – 2.2
End of Oct. to
10th of Nov.
220 – 250 2.2 – 2.5

* Average

Sowing depth:

2 to 3

Nitrogen fertilisation: Emphasis should be placed on STARTER application.

Fertilisation Common practice *Alternative splitting
STARTER application 100 kg/ha – Nmin 0 to 30 **170 kg/ha – Nmin + 20 kg S/ha
Stem extension (GS 30/31) 70 kg/ha – Nmin 30 to 90 /
Flag leaf application (GS 37/39) / /

* Favourable splitting, fertiliser is dissolved in soil before spring and early summer drought respectively – good experiences in practice
** Use of stabilised N fertiliser or slurry/fermentation residues
Note: Consider fertiliser requirement calculations

Plant growth regulator:

Necessity Second application if required
EC 31/32: 1 l CCC/ha + 0,3 l Moddus/ha
Alternative: 0,6 kg Prodax/ha
A second application could be necessary on better sites.
Field checks!

Fungicide treatments:

Depending on disease pressure:
In general one treatment at GS 39/40 is sufficient
(Note: Choose fungicides with a good protective performance)

All varieties are described according to the best knowledge taking trial results and observations into account. No responsibility is taken for the correctness in individual cases as growth conditions are subjected to considerable variabilities.

April 2020