Feed barley

Development of two-row winter barley with cultivation significance throughout Europe (“Igri”). Breeding of high-yield multi-row varieties with excellent lodging resistance (“robust barley”) and resistance to yellow mosaic and yellow dwarf virus. Best possible combination of healthy leaves and excellent yield. Milestones: Igri, Mammut, Grete, Carola, Souleyka, SU Ellen.


Largest European range of oats with yellow, white and black oat varieties of different maturity groups. Unique selling point is the excellent grain quality and straw characteristics and high yield stability. Milestones: Erbraf, Aragon, Ivory.


Introduction of maize farming in Germany and adaptation to the Central European climates. Continuous availability of a comprehensive programme of varieties for all maturity groups and types of use. Innovative consultation offers for quality management (“ProMais”, “KNV”). Varieties with high starch content and highly digestible cell walls for different feed rations; varieties focussed on bulk for use in biogas production. Milestones: Anjou 21, Tau, Pirat, Attribut, Goldoli, Subito, Susann.


After approval of the first hybrid rye variety in Germany, continuous further development of the varieties with unique selling points including yield, baking quality, leaf health and lodging resistance. Milestones: Rapid, Askari, SU Mephisto, Matador, Protector, Dukato.


Continuous availability of high yield wheat varieties with improved resistance properties. First wheat variety with officially confirmed higher N-efficiency, first value-tested semi-winter wheat, first German hybrid wheat variety, leading European variety Mulan, excellent baking quality (“an extra 20,000 bread rolls”). Milestones: Ares, Astron, Kraka, Orestis, Batis, Borenos, Thasos, Hybnos 1, Tommi, Mulan, Genius, Tobak, Elixer.


Breeding and market introduction of nematode-reducing intercrops with constantly improved resistance properties and ever expanding application areas, including biofumigation. From 2012 onwards, development of viterra® intercrop mixes for specific crop rotation greening. Milestones: Siletta Nova, Pegletta, Adagio, Colonel, Defender, Pratex, Angelia, Albatros, Accent, Maxi.

Brewer's barley

Pan-European introduction of new summer brewer’s barleys with clearly increased cost effectiveness (Salome, Marthe).


In addition to pure variety breeding, now development of new seed mixes for more productive grass cultivation with very flexible applications for use (Tetrasil).


Decades of continuous variety development of broad beans and field peas with excellent property combinations regarding yield and technological suitability (semi-leafless peas, particular broad bean types, winter varieties). Milestones: Birte, Schirokko, Rocket, Fuego.


Long-term market leader Modus was displaced by more modern, more intensive types with excellent yield and lodging resistance. Modus, SU Agendus.